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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 16, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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abductor at his sentencingi didn't know it was that awful for her, i didn't know of the violence you're watching kron four news in prime time. (grant) now at 8. a beloved brother and aspiring law enforcement officer. killed in a freeway shooting. tonight 24 year old demarcus doss is being remembered by family and friends.(grant) thank you for joining us i'm grant lodes.(pam) and i'm pam moore. family and friends say, he died ... protecting his friend in the passenger seat, who survived. (grant)kron4's ella sogomonian joins us live from the vigil in richmond.
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demarcus doss is described by friends to have been a hero through and through into the last moments of his short lived life. the community gathered on the corner of san pablo and barrett in richmond near the off ramp where demarcus was happened last thursday at around 3:30 in the afternoon. demarcus was said to be driving when a car pulled up and shots were fired. his family says he covered his friend with his own body protecting her. she survived her injuries.but damarcus
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later died at an area hospital. his sister tells me he was able to stay alive long enough for her to fly back from arkansas to say goodbye. shanyla robinson, sisterhe was a man. you can't say that about a lot of 24-year-olds, sadly to say. but demarcus was a man he went out like a champ. he fought them bullets he was still breathing with a bullet in his head he fought them. and he waited until i got there."kellis love jr., brother'you never think about it's going to hit you but it's tough when it hits you . and i wouldn't think of it as a statistic because my brother is definitely not a statistic." there have been about 80 shootings on bay area highways these past two years mostly in the east bay.year-old elliot johnson of charged along year olds who because they officers are looking into suspects have if they victims. family say s of mistaken that he had a clean was just at the at the wrong his step father part of an anti coalition who is now grieving tragedy he an end to. about that live in sogomonian kron4 news. ( pam ) two carjacking suspects are in custody tonight after leading officers on a high-speed chase through
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sacramento county.(grant) the sacramento county sheriff's department was able to detain the two suspects in a neighborhood after they parked a stolen s-u-v and slit up into the residential neighborhood. it all began at a target in elk grove where police say the two suspects stole an s-u-v in the parking lot... the suspects took off...droving through elk grove, galt and lodi on highway 99... then they got off the highway... ditched the car and the suspects seperated from each other but were later caught by sheriff's deputies. (pam) new tonight, family members of a napa man who was shot and killed by police ... are speaking out about the incident.(grant) the napa police department says on tuesday night...23-year-old noel russell was carrying a knife and threatening people... when two officers shot and killed him.(pam) this afternoon, kron 4's charles clifford
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visited with russell's family... who say they are shocked and want to know áexactlyá why noel was killed. (sot)
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says there's no use of a taser. there's no use of different ways to detain him.> the napa police department also said this week that the russell was wanted on two warrants for drug possession and assaulting a peace officer. his family acknowledges that noel faced challenges in his life but they say he didn't deserve to die the way he did.sot charles clifford says finally, the family says they have retained a lawyer to assist them in learning exactly what happened on monday evening. in fairfield, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) the owner of a business which
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policesay, was posing as a dental lab, has been arrested.according to authorities, a raid uncovered narcotics and equipment used to make meth- amphetamine. kron 4's alecia reid spoke with neighbors .. she joins us live from san carlos.alecia - are they surprised by the arrest? people that live and work in the area aren't surprised at fact they knew something was off with all the traffic in and out of the building at all hours of the day and night.they're glad it has finally come to stop.this investigation started 3 months ago after authorities got a tip.on tuesday, the narcotics task force, department of justice, and the department of dentistry served a search warrant at thermo-dental.there are 2 separate investigations going on for the narcotics that were found, and another for the dental equipment found. the man arrested, joseph hirsch, is not a certified dentist and should not be conducting any dental work on residents. investigators found and seized
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. narcotics, equipment used to manufacture the narcotics. a makeshift dental office was also inside the building. including a dentist chair, x-ray machine, and dental tools.hirssch is suspected of providing dental treatment to patients without a licensethe 59 year old has been booked into the maguire correctional facility, facing a slew of felony charges including: possession of controlled substancepossession of ammunition by a convicted felon possession and manufacturing metal knucklesneighbors say there have been shady characters going in and out of the building for years, and the chemical smell floods the entire block.sot - daniel waul - there was so much people traffic and basically the smell. the smell gave it away. there was an outrageous chemical smell flooding the entire block. this guy mark that works next door that's connected to the building he would actually come and hang out with us for a couple hours while waiting for his shop to air out. i'm just glad to see it gone because i personally know how toxic that can be. standuphirsch's bail is set at half a million dollars.he's due back in court april 5th. reporting live from san carlos
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(grant) tonight, there is a break in the deadly police shooting case in hayward... (pam) today, hayward police announcing, the man wanted in connection with ramming his car into two fremont police detectives... has been arrested last night in san francisco. we also learned the 16-year old killed...was pregnant.(grant) the shooting was tuesday near cal-state east bay... hayward police say two fremont police detectives spotted a stolen car parked in an apartment complex.
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investigators say the stolen car...was wanted in connection with several armed robberies recently reported in fremont and other bay area cities. the driver...whose name has not been released... allegedly backed up into the undercover police car and fremont detectives started shooting. 16-year- old elena mondragon, from antioch, was hit by the gunfire and later died... her uncle told us today he just learned she was two- months pregnant. miguel minjares/victim's uncle- "she was, um, so, you know, that's a second part that we're still processing ourself. trying to understand that ourselves. um, because, you know, like i said, it just all came in waves."(grant) the driver of the car was arrested and booked on an outstanding warrant for multiple robbery charges. the victim's uncle says its possible the driver... was the father of elena's unborn child. the hayward police department says it believes all of the suspects invovled in the deadly shooting are either in custody or have been released to their parents.
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(pam) 40-years... that's how long a former harvard attorney - matthew muller - will spend in prison, for a kidnapping... which vallejo police initially dimissed as a hoax. kron four's dan kerman was in court today - and got reaction to muller's sentencing. a federal judge has sentenced matthew muller to 40 years in prison for the march 2015 kidnapping of denise huskins from her boyfriend aaron quinn's vallejo home.the sentencing came after impassioned pleas from both quinn and huskins describing their ordealsot marianne quinn/aaron quinn's mother 16-26aaron and denise are the most courageous people i have ever met in my life, i am so proud of them and i had no idea how awful it was for deniseboth huskins and quinn argued muller should be sentenced to life in prison huskins saying she still has nightmares of the kidnapping and rape quinn saying after his ordeal he will never be the same. but the judge went with the recommendation of federal prosecutors.sot : quinns motherclosure is a fantasy, it makes it less, not having to come down and see matt muller again for the rest of my life is a good thing
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standup dan kerman/sacramento 58-108while the federal case is over, the civil case is still ahead. huskins and quinn suing the city of vallejo for at one point saying huskins made the whole thing up and saying she owed the city of vallejo an apology. at the federal courthouse in sacramento, dan kerman kron 4 news.117/std (grant) a film production teacher from san francisco has been arrested on child pornography charges..(grant) 71 year old john morrison was arrested at his home on monday after investigators reportedly found more than 6 hundred videos and images of child porn. this includes some content featuring minors involved in sex acts with adults.. morrison is being charged with one count of possession and three counts of distribution of child porn.
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it was discovered that morrision taught film produciton classes to young children in marin county. that aspect of the case is still being investigated. morrison was released form custody after posting bail. he is expected to be in court tomorrow. (pam) it has been one year since express lanes along interstate- 580 opened between livermore and dublin. it is a project which has already collected more than 9- and- a-half million- dollars in revenue so far. the 14-mile stretch of highway opened up express lanes for solo drivers trying to get around congestion, if they are willing to pay a fare. prices are higher when traffic is heavier. the average total fare was closer to 2-dollars this year. officials say, the money raised in express lanes .. is now going back towards the upkeep of the interstate. plans to open express lanes on interstate- 680 ... are scheduled for this summer. ahead at eight.. five years ago today.... she vanished. today, sierra lamar's accused killer back in court. we'll tell you where the trial stands now.
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a known felon gviolent with police... but officers do not use force. what they say was key to peacfully ending the standoff. and next.. a vallejo father missing for three weeks. now his family is speaking out about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his disappearance.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. (grant) new tonight at
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eight... a north bay family is desperately searching for answers about a father who's been missing for weeks.(pam) tonight - they tell their story exclusively to kron 4's hermela aregawi. natsot"dad, where are you? dad we're looking for you everywhere. called every hospital"kayla stepps leaves her dad a voicemail begging to know where he is.48 year old james stepps was on his way to see his one year old granddaughter on february 27th.. but he never made it. sot jackie stepps and kayla danielsonit's hard. very hard. i'm totally lost without him. we've got so many people looking for him so many people that love him so many people that careafter calling local hospitals, jails and even the coroner's office.jackie stepps.. james's wife of 23 years.. called a tow yard. that's where she found the
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mistubishi eclipse james was was considerd abandoned on rollingwood road.. just blocks away from his daughter's house where he was headed.his family is worried sick.. because they say it's unlike james to disappear.sot jackie stepps and kayla danielsonhe leaves for a short periods of time but never overnight. and we could be having the worst argument in the world and he will still be either there or my house.. together that night.. in the 23 years we've been together, we've spent maybe 2 or 3 nights apart. keith riggins has been friends with james for more than 30 years and says the same thing. keith rigginsthat's not jim. jim is always where he is supposed to be and usually his wife is with him or he's going right back to where she's at so i found that kind of strange the family is holding on to hope.sot jackie stepps.i got him a black onyx diamond watch for christmas. and i know he was wearing it. and i keep thinking if he had that on he would drop it off somewhere so that i would know so i would know that he had been there.
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standupvallejo police are investigating this incident. there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the location of the car, and the condition it was in when it was discovered.police are not releasing much information on thatthey say it will compromise their investigation. reporting in vallejo, ha k4 news. (pam) in san jose. family and friends ... somberly marking the 5th anniversaryof the day 15- year-old morgan hill cheerleader sierra lamar... went missing. at the same time, the prosecution continues to lay out its case in the trial of the man accused of killing sierra lamar, antolin garcia- torres. prosecutors presenting fingerprint evidence today ... they say
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it links garcia- torres to attacks on other women, before sierra lamarr vanished. now, seven weeks into the case ... the trial is expected to run through mid- april. (grant) oakland officers say they used recent de- escalation training in a situation on last night...when they were dealing with a known felon driving a stolen vehicle....that had just slammed into a police cruiser. this is what's left of the patrol car... after the suspect crashed into it head on. investigators say the suspect intentionally used his vehicle as a weapon...but ultimately, after a standoff...the arrest was weapons used. oakland p-d has been participating in similation training videos to practice non-use-of-force senarios to handle situations like these. (grant) oakland police say they will continue to
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participate in training courses to properly prepare thier patrolling officers. (pam) well let's check in on our weather now. you're looking live at san francisco international airport.(grant) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now.. brittney we've been hearing it's going to warm up again? .a warming and drying trend appears to be in store forus through friday. cooler and cloudier conditions then look to beon tap for the upcoming weekend, as we transition towards thereturn of more
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unsettled weather conditions. the first in apotential series of significant weather systems looks to movethrough in a monday afternoon to tuesday morning time frame, whilethe strongest upcoming system is expected late next week.
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new ahead at 8. mauled by an attacking dog. a little girl home for the first time in months. why her recovery is being called a miracle.(pam) plus. mc-donalds sends a tweet blastng president trump... then quickly takes it back. what the fast food giant says was behind the flub there's a lot of music and movie news that dominates south by southwest but after twitter and foursquare were put on the map from this show.. the tech part of it has been getting bigger and getting more attention.. startups flock there and try to make a name for themselves. here's a look at what's buzzing.. ((gary sports tease))gary radnich:"coming up late in this broadcast... the st. mary's gaels off and rolling we got the highlights of their ncaa tournament game one. of course, we're going to update you on how the golden state warriors against orlando and what do you say a golfer not afraid of an alligator darn right... later in this
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broadcast." (grant) here's what we're tracking tonight at ten...a bay area immigrant rights organization says it is getting flooded with calls for they're taking steps to make sure families know their rights just in case ice..comes to the door.the workshops aimed getting people the help they need...tonight at ten.
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(grant) looks like mcdonald's is the lastest victim of a computer hack. and the president can't be happy about this either. a tweet, published this morning by mcdonalds - reads "donald trump, you are actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have barack obama back. also you have tiny
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hands". the tweet was quickly deleted. in a statement, mcdonald's says it was told by twitter that its account was compromised. the fast-food giant says it is investigating what happened. several high profile twitter accounts have reported hacking this week. including b-b-c news norht america, amnesty international, and the european parliament. ( pam) the tech world is buzzing this week about new innovations recently unveiled... and these are not coming out of silicon valley, but from austin, texas..(grant) that's where the big annual south by south=west interactive show is going on this week. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate has been monitoring the show he is here to fill us in.. ((gabe on camera))there's a lot of music and movie news that dominates south by
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southwest but after twitter and foursquare were put on the map by this show.. the tech part of it has been getting bigger and getting more attention..entrapenuers and tech companies now flock there trying to bring attention to their products. here's a look at what's buzzing.. ((pkg)) "tech tats" are getting the most buzz out of this years interactive portion of south by southwest this is wearables to the next level duoskin created by mit students and microsoft offers a two week temporary tatoo that can also control your devices the metallic gold foil ink substance is packed with touch-based sensors that let you push like buttons, swipe, slide an example.. with a tap to your arm you could unolck your phone.. the tattoo can store data such as your credit card and bank details.. this might a future payment system down the road.. this wearable is closer to market coming out this fall levi's and google have teamed up to make a smart connected
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jacket conductive fibers are woven directly into the jacket arm so that motions you make on the left cuff of the jacket's sleeve register as touch inputs, as if it were a screen. those are then sent to your smartphone via a bluetooth attachment that clips on as a cufflink. the idea is you will be able to control some functions on the devices you use from simple arm or hand movements for the first time ever, amazon publicly displayed their prime air delivery drone to attendees in austin it looked similar to this one that they are testing in england near cambridge which has made several successful deliveries according to amazon. they are testing in england because the faa won't allow them to here.. but amazon says they believe the rules will change soon and they will be making drone deliveries to their customers in the us within 5 years. this ones wild. a gadget made for makers architects, designers, artists, inventors, engineers. and doodlers it's called the 3doodler's first professional 3d printing pen.. it draws in a 3d space, allowing the user to make objects in three dimensions. and lastly.. a website that has exploded in popularity in europe might be the next big mobile app here in the usit's called girl crew, it's for women looking for other women friends to attend events.the developers say they came up with "girl crew" about two years ago when one of them couldn't find any friends to
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go to a last-minute concert. the app which is coming soon already has a ton of people signed up to be notified when it launches. with your tech report gskr4 ahead at eight.. a bill forcing presidential candidates to release their tax returns. and it just passed in one state plus. new video as a good samaritan confronts a man attacking a deputy. the moments before the encounter turned deadly. and next... the president reveals his budget. what he wants to slash... and splurge on. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit we are proposing a budget that will shrink the bloated federal bureaucracy and i mean bloated. while protecting our national security. (grant)the
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pentagon is the big winner in president trump's new budget proposal... officially out today. (grant)the environmental protection agency and state department are among the agencies facing deep cuts.(pam) catherine heenan show us how the budget could trigger the biggest drawdown in the federal workforce, since the end of world war two. natthe new f-35 joint strike fighters cost 100=million dollars each.under the president's plan, they'll come off the assembly lines faster. the pentagon is in line to receive an extra 54 billion dollars, to buy more planes, more warships and increase the size of the army and marine corps.sfxthe departments of defense and homeland security, and the veterans administration are the big winners in the trump budget. the d=h=s would get more than two and a half billion dollars for a new border wall.... plus 15=hundred new border patrol and immigration officials ... and more money to deport illegal immigrants. sfxthe biggest losers are
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environmental protection agency and the state department . the president said specifically hundreds of times you covered it i'm going to spend less money on people overseas and more money on people back home and that's exactly what we're doing with this budget"the e=p=a would see its workforce shrink by 20 percent.the budget also eliminates all funding for public broadcasting, the national endowment for the arts and social services such as meals on wheels.democrats reacted with outrage, "if you look at the cost to the taxpayer to fly to mar-a-lago each weekend. it's about $3 million, estimated. this budget wipes out the $3 million for the meals on wheels program that helps feed 2.4 million seniors in our country."" i can't see how this budget can survive the light of day. speaker paul ryan stressed that right now it's just a proposal . when the president submits a budget, that is the beginning of the budget process. (pam) no tax returns... no spot on the ballot. that could be the reality president trump faces in 20-20 under new legislation in new jersey. lawmakers there, just passed a bill, requiring presidential and vice- presidential candidates to release five- years of
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federal tax returns in order to appear on the ballot. the democratic - led assembly passed the measure today. it now goes to republican governor chris christie's desk. donald trump broke with nearly four decades of tradition... when he did not release his tax returns. democrats have raised questions about what those documents may contain. (grant) new video has been released of a good samaritan jumping into action after seeing a florida deputy being attacked..(grant)áánatsáá the incident started when lee county deputy dean bardes pulled over 53 year old.. edward strother for speeding strother then jumped out of his car and began beating the deputy... that's when ashad russel...who was legally carrying a weapon stepped in. russell told the suspect to get off of the deputy several times but eventually shot strother three
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times. he later died at the hospital... deputy bardes did survive the attack after being treated at a hospital. russell was not charged but thanked for potentially saving deputy bardes' life (pam) adlib live pic.. toss weather .a warming and drying trend appears to be in store forus through friday. cooler and cloudier conditions then look to beon tap for the upcoming weekend, as we transition towards thereturn of more unsettled weather conditions. the first in apotential series of significant weather systems looks to movethrough in a monday afternoon to tuesday morning time frame, whilethe strongest upcoming system is expected late next week. (grant)if you noticed a lot of motorcycle (grant)if you noticed (grant)
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(grant)if you noticed a lot of motorcycle cops on the peninsula wednesday but you didn't get stopped, good job that means you made it through a big police crackdown.(pam) our stanley roberts explains.. some people wish there could be a cop on every corner with all the bad drivers on the road and once a month for the last 5 years their wish comes true this is a citation for wearing the duel buds in the state of california you can only wear one earbud in your ear while driving in the form of step also known as saturation traffic enforcement program it's officers from all around san mateo county focusing on problem areas on the peninsula. this time they are in burlingame and
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hillsborough so when you were stopped at that light back there you were manipulating your cell phonei'm riding with officer rosset from the town of colma police department. this driver appears to be on his on his cell phone, state law requires the phone to be mounted, so holding it is no longer an optionwere you on the cell phone or on the radio ..on the two way if he were on the two way there's good chance he will not be cited, however, it turned out to be a flip phone the flip phone is still a phone during step they also focus on people not stopping for stop signs . yea like that one you didn't stop you went through it pretty quick and this one so you know why i pulled you over whey did i pull you over you didn't stop for the stop signoh and this one when you hit that stop sign at hunt drive you did not stop you rolled right through it ignoring a stop sign is a serious violation and often leads to crashes you have to come to a complete stop .. coming down the hill im approximating your speed at as 50 as well im going to give you a waring on the speed however i'm going to give you a citation for not stopping for the stop sign i tried to talk to this driver good morning sir, morning stanley roberts channel 4 how are you doing good thank you so we
8:38 pm
were watching you and you rolled right through that this what happened i may be a little distracted maybe am i live im with kron 4 i reserve not to respond and i don't want to be filmedand there was this driver morning, morning, i wity channel 4 how are you im doing fine 58 in a 35 i don't want to don't touch the camera she was caught on lidar by south san francisco police doing 23 miles over the posted speed limit because she was late for a meeting and yes i did talk to some of the driver's, i'll let you hear what they have to say in a future edition of .. repeat after me people behaving badly i bet you just tried to do i in my voice didn't you.. in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news still at 8. a diamond still at 8. still at 8. a
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diamond discovery potentially worth thousands. and you can search for bling too. where one boy found a seven carat jewel. and next... she survived a vicious attack by a dog. her friend did not. now she is talking about her recovery.
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♪ ♪ it's spring, and we can't wait to open our sheds and get working on our yards. scotts and miracle-gro are here to help. we make it easy to grow thick, healthy lawns, spectacular plants, and bountiful flowers. because when spring starts right, the months that follow stay perfect. load up your shed with scotts and miracle-gro.
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it's time to get outside. ♪ ♪ a little girl mauled in a dog attack is back home tonight... months earlier than doctors predicted.(pam) and although the multiple surgeries have not dampened her spirits... the five- year- old does miss her best friend, who died in the attack. it happened less than two- months ago in atlanta... the five- year- old syrai sanders, and her best friend, six-
8:42 pm
year-old logan braatz... were walking to school when two dogs attacked them. logan was killed and syrai was seriously injured on her head.. and her ear was ripped off. now the doctors are calling syrai's recovery a miracle. they thought she would be in the hospital for a year, but nine surgeries later, she is in her pajamas on her own living room couch ... laughing and being playful.. willie sanders/ father"it was unbelievable, especially how quick she started feeling well. even when she was in bad condition, she was smiling and playing like how she is now." (pam) syrai will be returning for her latest check up next week, to see how doctors will replace her ear. as for the dogs' owner, he has been charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct. police shot one of the dogs... and animal control officers took the other two. (grant) new at 8. a teen has found a seven point forty-four carat diamond at a state park in arkansas.
8:43 pm
officials at crater of diamonds state park say the rock found saturday by a 14-year-old... is the seventh largest found since park was established in 1972. the diamond is the size of a pinto-bean and similar in color to coffee. now get this could also hunt for diamonds. the crater of diamonds state park lets you search for the gems. you get to keep whatever you find. breaking news out of the south bay where there's been a shooting on highway 101. this just into our newsroom in the last five minutes. c-h-p in san jose tweeting out. we are currently investigating a freeway shooting on us-101 in the area of story rd. traffic is currently being diverted onto i280 and i-680 to preserve the scene while we investigate. we have a reporter on the way to the
8:44 pm
scene. and will bring you updates as they come in (pam) in sports... we'll check on how the warriors are doing against the magic... plus, we'll give you an update on steph curry... in the opening minutes when he left the game with an ankle injury.(grant) and'd saint mary's do the first round of the n-c-a-a's your bracket? gary's in the guys, thanks for making our new french toast so authentic,
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you'll swear it came from a fancy brunch place. its 100% real. just like my favorite sport - pro wrestling. um... yeah, about pro wrestling... its fake. what? lies!! its... all ...lies!! why didnt you tell me?!!!! sorry jack, i thought you knew. try my new grilled french toast plate with syrup and hickory smoked bacon. the newest addition to my brunchfast menu. hit me with this, youll feel better. (mark)good news in the labor market as we keep seeing low numbers for unemployment.(rob)
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yes. you know i guess if i had a bottle with a genie inside of it i would ask for higher wages...maybe. uh but the jobless numbers that come out on thursday, it's the first time unemployment claims...people have been laid off...marching down to the unemployment office..getting that check for 18-hundred- dollars. uh roughly unemployment benefits. it's a low number. it tells you again that the labor market is near full employment. with firming inflation the federal reserve yesterday raised their overnight lending rate based on the job market. they basically blamed that...wall street's initial reaction was a big positive upmove because the job market. if you have a job, you tend to go out and spend your paycheck on the economy. if the economy is working, the stock market works so that's the reaction that we typically see. (mark) alright march madness. it turns out that's a big cost for employers?(rob)well oh went that direction? um it's also big in advertising. so for the empployers about 70-million brackets are done. average 29-dollars a bracket. 51-
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million office workers will watch. it will cost employers about 1.3 billion dollars per hour of distraction. im going to be watching it right?(mark) ill be watching. games start at 9 this morning. (rob)total loss is about 4-billion dollars for corporations. again, turner broadcasting and cbs broadcasting bought the right for 10.8 billion dollar. a 14 year deal. this is almost a bargain. it's the second highest ad rate behind the superbowl and nfl playoff games. so lots of attention for the final four and march maddness. (mark)that's incredible. one-and-a-quarter billion dollars in ads every march madness. pretty incredible. alright post your questions on rob's facebook page and we'll try to answer them on air here on kron 4. st. mary's opening up it's
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ncaa tournament against virginia commonwealthrandy bennett head coach of the gaels1st halfcalvin hermanson knocks down the 3-pointer 25-19 gaels1st halfjock landale the big aussie inside for the dunk 40-27 gaels (46-31 at the half)(landale: 18 points, 13 rebounds)2nd half back comes vcujequan lewis 3-pointer 56-52 gaels (vcu got within 2 points shortly after)(lewis: 30 points game-high)2nd halfjoe rahon 3-pointer for st. mary's 63-56 gaels(rahon: 16 points) 2nd halfhermanson on the breakaway throws it down with the left hand!!... 73-63 gaels(hermanson: 16 points) final: 85-77 st. mary'sthey play winner of arizona-north dakota saturday jock landale:"that was definitely a big focus going into tonight. we knew majority of their points came from transition and offensive rebounding... so we had to cut that out and we did"
8:50 pm
back in moraga fans were cheering on the gaels. parents and students were out there tonight to cheer on st. mary in the first round against the rams. the warriors are hosting the magic at oracle arena... in the opening minutes steph curry left the game with a ankle injury, but has been able to return to the ballgame right now... this week's lexus experience play lexus this week's lexus experience play of the week goes to russell westbrook. tonight against toronto... the thunder all star threw a cross court pass to victor oladipo that went between cory joseph's legs. westbrook posted his 34th triple-double of the season he finished the game with 24 points, 10 rebounds, 16 assists. thunder wins 123-102
8:51 pm
here is a golfer not afraid of alligatorsat the arnold palmer invitational in orlando, floridacody gribble approaches a sun-bathing gator and gives it a push to the tail - sending the gator scurrying into the water take another look cribble who is from dallas not exactly gator territory but he doesn't mind messing with the alligator scaring it away awayscaring it away
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(pam) breaking news out of the south bay tonight where there's been a freeway shooting.(grant) this just into our newsroom in the last ten minutes. c-h-p in san jose tweeting out they are investigating a shooting on highway 101. here's what we know right now. around 6-50 tonight ...police got reports of gunshots on the freeway. at least one person has been shot. this happening in the area of story road. the area of happening in the area of story road. the extent of their injuries is not know at this point... but they were rushed to the hospital. and there is no description of the car involved in the shooting, traffic is currently being diverted onto i280 and i-680. this shooting the latest in an
8:56 pm
epidemic of violence on bay area highways. there have been 80 shootings in the past 15 months. we have a reporter on the way to the scene. and will bring you updates as they come in last weather and goodbye
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booth: okay, so the guy here says he was out doing routine track maintenance and saw the bones, he thought it was a deer. human dentition is completely different. another example of our country's deplorable educational system. all right, until every kid becomes a dentist, we have some psycho throwing a hacked-up body out of a speeding train. no. these bones were under the train. if body parts had been thrown out a window, they'd be scattered in nearby foliage. level of decomp suggests the remains have been exposed to the elements for at least two months. drunk? suicide? conjecture. there's evidence of sharp-force trauma on the sternum. stabbed. more conjecture. beaten. would you please stop that? come on. it's a beautiful day, bones. we must enjoy conjecture. there's a distinct lack of hemorrhage. this victim was dead before being hit by the train. all right, so,


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